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Japanese Man Climbs Mt Kinabalu In A Suit To Attend ‘Business Meeting’

Top level meeting.
While many have attempted and succeeded in scaling the majestic Mt Kinabalu, it’s not everyday that you see one doing so while dressed in a three-piece suit.

This was exactly what a Japanese tailor did, where he climbed to the peak wearing a blue business suit and brown Asics leather business shoes.

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Japanese man climbs mt kinabalu in a suit to attend 'business meeting' | weirdkaya
Screenshot via: Tiktok/@rogonnabalu_25

‘Business meeting’ at Mt Kinabalu?

In a TikTok video posted by @rogonnabalu_25, he was heard asking the Japanese tailor where he was going in that suit.

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In response, the man replied with a grin on his face:

I have a business meeting at the top of the mountain (Mt Kinabalu).

Japanese man climbs mt kinabalu in a suit to attend 'business meeting'
Screenshot via TikTok/@rogonnabalu

This was in stark contrast to the rest of the climbers, who were tightly wrapped in winter clothing to fight the cold throughout their ascend to Mt Kinabalu.

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In another video, the Japanese tailor eventually made his way to the top and was seen posing for photos at the peak, which presumably was part of his ‘business meeting’.

Was advertising for suit brand

The tailor, who was later revealed to be Nobutaka Sada, was apparently promoting his family suit business by taking his products on a field tests to demonstrate its quality and durability.

He later took to Facebook to share his experience of scaling Mt Kinabalu while dressed in a suit.

Japanese man climbs mt kinabalu in a suit to attend 'business meeting'
Photo via Facebook

SADA’s order suit is okay for climbing Mount Kinabalu. We climbed 2,300m elevation difference in the tropical humidity, and got rained on, but SADA’s order suit kept it level enough to attend business meetings!

“In addition, I was able to stay in a hut in the middle of the starlight, climb up a steep climb, and enjoy the light at the top of the mountain!” he wrote.

This isn’t the first Sada has embarked on thrilling adventures in a suit, where he has skied, dived and surfed and keeps a record of it on his YouTube channel.

At the time of writing, the TikTok video has gained over 114.4K views, proving that Sada’s marketing stunt has definitely paid off.

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Watch the videos here:

@rogonnabalu_25 #erafmsabah #sabahantiktok #kundasangsabah #erasabah #CapCut #dudukje #malim #Fyp ♬ bunyi asal – gansau gansau
@rogonnabalu_25 #Fyp #malim #dudukje #CapCut #erasabah #kundasangsabah ♬ bunyi asal – gansau gansau

What do you think of Sada’s marketing tactic? Let us know in the comments!

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