M’sian Surprised By Extra Piece Of Chicken He Got As Compensation For Small Drumstick At KFC

"Definitely won my heart."
A man was left pleasantly surprised and touched when dining at KFC, as a staff member provided an extra piece of chicken due to the small size of the regular pieces.

The man shared his experience on Facebook, detailing a recent visit to KFC Branch in Bukit Jalil where he ordered a Snack Plate, which typically includes two pieces of chicken.

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Extra chicken?

To his astonishment, the server informed him that the chicken pieces were particularly small that day, and as a gesture of goodwill, gave him three pieces instead, hoping to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

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Extra chicken from kfc
Image via FB/Pacco Loo

He expressed his gratitude, stating that even if the chicken pieces were smaller, the warm and considerate service from the staff would ensure his continued support for KFC.

He humorously captioned his post, “So heartwarming, a chicken leg can definitely win me over.”

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Netizens’ reaction

Netizens were amazed by the man’s story, finding it hard to believe that such a positive experience could happen at KFC.

Kfc changed
Image via FB/Pacco Loo
What happened to kfc
Image via FB/Pacco Loo

Another shared a similar experience in KFC recently.

“Last time I also experienced the same thing, the staff just add one extra piece without telling why.”

Get one extra without explanation
Image via FB/Pacco Loo

KFC announcement

KFC has also emphasized that customers who are dissatisfied with the size of their chicken pieces can request a replacement, and the company will accommodate their needs.

This policy was highlighted in a social media post from KFC, reassuring customers that their meals are guaranteed in terms of taste and size, with a promise to replace any unsatisfactory chicken.

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