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M’sian Student Finally Gets To Go Home For Raya After A Kind Individual Bought Him A Bus Ticket

The power of social media 💪🏻
It’s been quite a moving journey since WeirdKaya shared the story of a young Malaysian student shedding tears as he couldn’t to secure a bus ticket home to celebrate Raya with his family.

In the midst of all the sad feelings, Malaysians showed they cared, and today, we’re happy to share some good news with you.

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Student crying
Screenshot via TikTok/@jaiho0._

He finally gets to go back home!

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, the OP shared that the young man has finally made it back home, thanks to the kindness of an individual.

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He revealed that a generous soul, aware of their plight, stepped in and purchased a bus ticket for him to return to his hometown in Terengganu.

Previously, a viral video had captured the student, studying in Kedah, overwhelmed with emotion as he struggled to buy a ticket.

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It left him in tears while eating, knowing he might miss celebrating Raya with his loved ones due to sold-out bus tickets.

Student wiping his tears
Screenshot via TikTok/@jaiho0._

This heartwarming news demonstrates the powerful impact of unity and kindness in Malaysian society, reminding us of the profound difference simple acts of kindness can make in times of need.

Watch the full video here:


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