M’sian Soldier Sprays Insecticide Into His Eyes By Accident, Later Dies From Chemical Poisoning

Unexpected tragedy.

In a tragic event at a camp in Johor, Malaysia, a soldier faced an unexpected and fatal accident.

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28-year-old Mohd Shamsuri was in the process of preparing insecticide equipment when the substance accidentally sprayed onto his face and eyes, according to China Press.

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Too toxic to wash away

Despite immediate efforts to wash it off, the chemical’s toxic effects proved to be lethal.

The incident occurred around 10am on Saturday, 30th September at Khemah Perubatan Kem LSBU Tg Logok.

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Shamsuri was preparing the insecticide to address a fly problem at the camp. Unfortunately, upon opening the bottle, the substance splashed onto his face.

M'sian soldier sprays insecticide into his eyes by accident, later dies from chemical poisoning | weirdkaya
Photo from China Press

He was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital by 10:40am. By the time he reached the medical facility, Shamsuri was already showing severe symptoms, slipping into a coma shortly after.

Doctors and medical staff worked diligently, but by 2:05pm the same day, Shamsuri tragically passed away.

Preliminary investigations confirm the cause of death as chemical poisoning leading to organ failure. His body has since been returned to his family in Melaka.


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