M’sian Shocked By Size Of RM33 Chicken Dish Which Was Served At A Restaurant

In the midst of Malaysia’s expensive food shenanigans, we’re in for yet another that will leave you stunned.

Recently, a Malaysian diner was taken aback to find that the portion of the RM33 chicken dish he ordered appeared smaller, leaving him questioning its value for money.

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Sharing with the Facebook group KL吹水站 (新), a Malaysian recounted his recent disappointing dining experience at a restaurant.

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The OP shared two pictures— chicken dish priced at RM33 and the menu. The dish named ‘Mouth Watering Chicken’ caught their attention on the menu, prompting the order.

In the post, the OP expressed surprise when the dish arrived, pointing out the high price of RM33 for just one plate of chicken.

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Approximately, 15 slices of chicken were placed on the plate, with a drizzle of some seasonings.

However, the OP did not disclose the name or location of the restaurant.

A call for fair dining

Today, pricey food is a growing concern, burdening consumers with high costs and small portions. Dining out is becoming more expensive, forcing diners to weigh quality against affordability.

However, within these challenges, there’s room for improvement. Restaurants can aim for transparency, offering fair portions at fair prices. Likewise, consumers can speak out and support eateries that prioritise customer satisfaction over profits.

And in the case of this RM33 chicken dish, it seems that sometimes, appearances in photos and reality can indeed be deceiving.

What are your thoughts on the price set for this chicken dish? Share your opinions with us in the comment section.

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