M’sian Searches For Owner Of RM50 Note Who Received It As A Last Gift From Late Father

It's not just about money; it's about cherished memories.
In a world where money changes hands daily, a single RM50 banknote recently emerged with a story that touched many hearts.

It wasn’t just any ordinary money; it held sentimental value as the last gift from someone’s father before he passed away.

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‘The last money father gave on 11/5/20, Al-Fatihah’

Scribbled on the bill were the words, “The last money father gave on 11/5/20, Al-Fatihah,” making it a precious keepsake.

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Rm50 ringgit scribbled with heartfelt text:
Photo via Fb/Tuah Lim

The search for the owner started when Tuan Lim posted on Facebook, hoping to find the banknote’s rightful owner.

People on social media were touched by the heartfelt plea and showed support. One person, Azfarul Zainol Akmar, found himself with the banknote and felt compelled to help.

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‘It was the last memory with their father’

Azfarul came across the RM50 note while getting money from an ATM at a gas station in Gambang. At first, he didn’t realize its importance. It wasn’t until he got home and looked closely at the note that he noticed the heartfelt message written on it.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Azfarul said, “I immediately felt touched and saddened when I realised that the owner may have had to use it despite its significant sentimental value, as it was the last memory with their father.”

Azfarul was determined to respect the connection between the banknote and its owner. He promised not to spend the money until the owner was found, showing his deep empathy and understanding.

‘It’s value is much greater to the owner’

Azfarul’s post about his discovery spread rapidly on social media, with over 19K shares and many supportive comments from people wanting to see the special gift returned to its rightful owner.

Netizen comment
Screenshot via Fb/Tuah Lim

A commenter summed up the feelings about the RM50 note well, saying, “If we consider the monetary value, it’s significant. But when we read what’s written on the note, its value is much greater to the owner.”

Netizen comment
Screenshot via Fb/Tuah Lim

Another commenter said, “The money still looks neat; the owner must have kept it carefully. But they had to use it because life nowadays is not easy. Even we, outsiders, feel sad seeing this; we can’t imagine how much sadder the original owner must be.”

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