M’sian Man In Search For The Owner Of RM50 Note With A Love Message

Mr Dinesh, where are you?
Who would have thought that a simple transaction would turn into a quest for love?

That’s exactly what happened to a Malaysian man during his routine transaction. He stumbled upon a sweet message scribbled on a RM50 note, addressed to someone named ‘Dinesh’.

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Where are you Dinesh?

Through his Facebook account, Raj Mamu shared how he ended up with that RM50 note that had such a sweet message on it.

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It all began when Raj, in the midst of a routine deposit, discovered the green note with a message straight from the heart.

A love message written on a rm50 note
Photo via FB/Raj Mamu

“For my love Dinesh, I hope this year we will be blessed with wealth, good health, and love,” written on the RM50 note.

This heartfelt message is believed to have been penned last year on February 20th.

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Raj on a mission

Raj has even left his contact number (0125252930) in the post, hoping for a reunion between the note and its intended recipient – DINESH.

Netizens calling out ‘Dinesh

Netizens flooded the comments, tagging every Dinesh they could think of.

One user even cracked a joke about how quickly Dinesh must have spent the money, given that it had been nearly a year since the message was penned on the note.

“Deyy, it’s only been a year, how could you use the money so quickly?”

M'sian man in search for the owner of rm50 note with a love message
Screenshot via FB/Raj Mamu

Some even jokingly claimed to be the ‘Dinesh’ themselves.

“I am that Dinesh bro.”

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M'sian man in search for the owner of rm50 note with a love message
Screenshot via FB/Raj Mamu

Oh well, if you’re the Dinesh mentioned in the note, grab your RM50 green note that your sweetheart wrote it for you!

So, next time you’re handling cash, keep an eye out for hidden messages – you never know when you might stumble upon a love story in the making.

Here is the full post:

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