M’sian Robber Jumps Into Car & Drives Away With Woman Inside At Kuantan

The owner had left the engine running before going to the toilet
At a gas station, a woman encountered a horrifying situation when she left her car running to use the restroom, only for a thief to steal the vehicle with her mother inside.

The incident was captured by the gas station CCTV and has been posted and circulating on Facebook.

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Left the car to go to restroom

Woman leaving her car
Image via FB/Lagu Lagu Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa  

The incident unfolded when the woman, a Malay driver of a red car, stopped at a gas station in Semambu around 3:10 PM.

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After refueling, she parked near the restroom and left the engine running, intending to use the facilities.

Her mother, who had returned to the car after using the restroom, was waiting inside.

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As shown in the first video that surfaced online, a man passed by, seized the opportunity, and drove off with the car while the woman was still in the restroom.

Bald man open the car
Image via FB/Lagu Lagu Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa  

Woman in the car is safe

The thief acted quickly, and the footage shows the woman desperately attempting to get out of the vehicle but failed, dropping her handbag on the ground in the process.

Woman drop her bag
Image via FB/Lagu Lagu Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa  

The second video captures the woman’s frantic chase after her stolen car. Several gas station employees quickly joined the pursuit on motorcycles, trying to track down the vehicle.

Trying to find the vehicle

The victim are currently in search of the vehicle, hoping to get help from the public.

Finding car
Image via FB/Atiqah Razak

Kuantan Police Chief Wan Mohd Zahari confirmed in a press release that the woman’s mother was released unharmed 400 meters from the gas station.

“The woman’s mother was fortunately unharmed and released not far from the scene,” Zahari said.

Police are now investigating the case under Section 379A of the Penal Code for vehicle theft. Zahari emphasized the importance of vigilance, urging drivers to turn off their engines and secure their vehicles even during short stops to prevent such incidents.

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Watch the full video here:

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