77yo Swiss Man Crashes Myvi At Ipoh Petrol Station Due To Leg Cramps

A woman suffered injuries to her leg.
For the past few months, there has been a series of incidents where people have driven their vehicles straight into buildings by accident.

Barely more than a week into 2024, another similar accident occurred at Canning Garden in Ipoh, where an elderly Swiss man rammed his Myvi right into the convenience store at a petrol station.

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77yo Swiss man crashes Myvi at Ipoh petrol station

The entire incident was captured by a CCTV camera placed inside the convenience store where the crash took place and was later shared to Perak Press’ Facebook page.

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Several people inside convenience store at ipoh petrol station
Screenshot via FB/Perak Press

At the start of the clip, it showed several women inside the convenience store, with one of them standing at the courier service counter.

Almost halfway into the clip, the black Myvi could be seen making its way towards the convenience store before ramming right into the glass panel, where it sent glass shards flying everywhere and knocking the woman at the courier service counter off her feet.

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Myvi crashes into convenience store at ipoh petrol station
Screenshot via FB/Perak Press

Utusan later reported that the Myvi was driven by a 77-year-old Swiss national, who had taken his car to the petrol station to refuel.

Suffered from leg cramps

In a statement by Ipoh district police chief Assistant Commissioner Yahaya Hassan, he said the Swiss man experienced cramps in his right leg, causing him to lose control of the Myvi and driving it straight into the convenience store.

“The car also collided with a Yamaha Y16ZR motorcycle owned by a delivery company driver, which was parked in front of the store.

Aftermath of car crash at ipoh petrol station
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

“During the incident, a woman who was inside the premise suffered injuries to her right leg,” he said.

However, no arrests were made and the case is currently being investigated under Rule 10 of the 1959 Road Traffic Rules (Rule 10 LN 166/59).

Watch the video of the crash here:

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