M’sian Restaurant Round Off RM42.95 Bill To RM43, Customer Feedback & Received 5 Sen Refund

Is rounding 5 Sen off normal?
A woman has brought to social media her experience at a dim sum restaurant in Skudai, where she noticed that her bill of RM42.95 was rounded up to RM43.

The incident occurred on Sunday, the 12th, and has since sparked a conversation about the rounding mechanism used by some businesses in Malaysia.

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RM42.95 round off to RM43

In a post shared by “想狂吃不胖却狂吃发胖” on Xiaohongshu, the woman recounted her experience, stating,

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“At the cashier, I was told the total was RM43. I confirmed the amount before making the transfer, but only realized later that the actual bill was RM42.95.”

5sen to rm43
Image via XHS/想狂吃不胖却狂吃发胖

“This is the first time I’ve encountered a business rounding up 5 cents in this way. Is it even legal to charge like this?” She expressed her surprise

Determined to address the discrepancy, the woman returned to the restaurant to request a refund of the overcharged 5 cents.

The owner promptly apologized for the cashier’s mistake and refunded the 5 cents to the customer.

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Is this allowed?

The post quickly garnered attention from netizens, who praised the woman for standing up for her rights.

Comments included, “It’s not about the 5 cents, it’s about the principle,” and “If a store overcharges 5 cents from every customer every day, they would make a significant profit over time!”

Some users also pointed out guidelines from Bank Negara Malaysia regarding the rounding mechanism, which the restaurant had seemingly not followed.

According to the guidelines, amounts ending in 3, 4, 6, and 7 cents should be rounded to the nearest 5 cents, while amounts ending in 1, 2, 8, and 9 cents should be rounded to the nearest 0 cent.

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