M’sian Quits On 1st Day Of The Job, Claims His Mum Doesn’t Allow Him To Take Public Transport

"My father had already departed for work."
In a revealing Facebook post, an employer shared her frustration with a newly hired employee who unexpectedly resigned because his parent couldn’t send him to work and he is not allowed to take public transport.

The employer shared a thread of WhatsApp conversations on Facebook, demonstrating how dependent young people are nowadays.

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Whatsapp conversation with the new employee

Image via FB/NA Dyla

Isn’t allowed to take public transport

According to the exchange, Dyla was trying to confirm the new employee’s shift and inform him about the details of the work.

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The employee replied that his father had already departed for work and was unable to give him a ride.

When Dyla suggested that the employee could use a ride-hailing service like Grab, which would only cost a few ringgits, the employee responded that his mother does not allow him to use public transport and he did not want to upset her.

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“As I am not sure if I will have the transport to commit to this job, I have to resign,” the employee replied.

Problem of finding committed staff

Dyla expressed in her post that the problem of finding committed staff is not new and that many business owners may be experiencing the same issue.

“I really don’t understand the young people of 2024. They accept an interview and a job offer and then resign if they feel they can’t commit.

They haven’t even started working and already there are all sorts of excuses.”

Dyla added that during her time and that of the older generation, they panicked while looking for jobs, and when they got one, they were very grateful.

Netizen’s reaction

Dyla’s post sparked a significant response online, with many netizens criticizing the overprotective nature of parents today, which they believe hinders their children’s ability to become independent.

“It’s sad for that young man. His mother’s overprotection, while it appears he is being respectful to his parents, means she is too controlling and cannot trust her own child. How pitiful.”

Comment overprotective parent
Image via FB/NA Dyla

“At the age of 19, I was already working two jobs, one in an office and another at a fast food restaurant. I commuted to work using public transport. Back then, there were no LRTs or MRTs like now. You had to press the bus bell yourself.”

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Comment working 2 job at 19yo
Image via FB/NA Dyla

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