M’sian Praised For Giving Free Food To Man Who Couldn’t Work Due To Fever

Kindness still exists.
Given the current economic downturn, many find it hard to provide for their family especially if they’re living from paycheck to paycheck with no stable income.

However, there are those who do not hesitate to lend a helping hand to such needy individuals, such as this Malaysian man who willingly gave a stash of packed food to a man and his starving family.

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Saw man & his children staring at packed food

Taking to Facebook to share the encounter, Abu Hurairah Roslan wrote that he was organizing the public address (PA) system equipment and arranging tables and chairs after a kindergarten event.

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While busying himself with the task, he saw a motorcycle pass by, where it was driven by a man with two young children riding pillion. However, what caught his eye was that the trio kept staring at a pile of packed food placed on top of a table.

When the motorcycle turned back after reaching the end of the road, Abu saw that the trio still had their gaze fixated on the food.

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Couldn’t work due to fever

Abu then approached the man and asked him whether he wanted the packed food, to which he replied:

Can I have them? I couldn’t find work today and I get paid daily. I’m also having a fever and my wife and kids back home are hungry.

Without hesitation, Abu quickly gave the man all of the packed food and even handed him some money from his own pocket, much to the latter’s surprise.

Malaysian ringgit
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“To those given the responsibility to take care of the country, please know that the people are getting hungrier and weaker. As for the rest of us, let’s help if we encounter those in need,” he wrote.

M’sian praised for giving free food to man

Abu’s post has since gone viral on Facebook, where it garnered over 6,000 reactions at the time of writing.

‘Thank you, kind sir. May doors be opened for you and may God’s blessings be upon you and your family.’

M'sian praised for giving free food to man who couldn't work due to fever comment 1
Screenshot via FB/Abu Hurairah Roslan

‘Alhamdulilah. May all of your needs be provided for your family, Ustaz.’

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M'sian praised for giving free food to man who couldn't work due to fever comment 2
Screenshot via FB/Abu Hurairah Roslan

Another urged Malaysians to give extra food to those in need as some may be too ashamed to ask for it.

M'sian praised for giving free food to man who couldn't work due to fever comment 3
Screenshot via FB/Abu Hurairah Roslan

What a heartwarming story! We hope such acts of kindness will continue to be practiced in the future!


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