M’sian Siblings Who Lost Their Dad Support The Family By Selling Curry Puffs On The Roadside

To make end's meet.

Life threw a curveball at two young sisters in Sabah, Malaysia, but they caught it with courage and a basket of curry puffs.

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Selling snacks by the roadside wasn’t just a choice; it was their way of holding their family together after their world was turned upside down by the loss of their father.

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This moving scene of resilience and determination caught the attention of Saharuddin Amirullah, a kind-hearted soul who couldn’t just walk away.

He took to TikTok (@saharuddinamirullah) to share their story, and suddenly, nearly 770,000 people were rooting for these girls.

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Good samaritan bought all the curry puffs

Moved by their plight, Saharuddin didn’t just offer words of comfort; he took immediate action.

Buying all the curry puffs they had to offer and providing them with additional financial support, he exemplified the very essence of compassion.

But his kindness didn’t end at the roadside. Saharuddin visited the sisters’ humble home, bringing groceries and essentials to further aid their struggling family.


Maaf dek abang tak boleh kuat di depan kamu.

♬ Dawai (From "Air Mata Di Ujung Sajadah") – Fadhilah Intan


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