M’sian Nurse Saves 5 Patients By Donating Her Organs After Passing Away

Giving life even after death.
In a touching act of selflessness, a Malaysian nurse brought life and hope to five patients by donating her organs following her passing, making it the first multi-organ and tissue donation case in Sabah this year.

The nurse was 59-year-old Sulimah binti Gilong, who worked at Hospital Queen Elizabeth II (HQE II) in Kota Kinabalu but recently passed away due to brain death.

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M’sian nurse saves 5 patients by donating her organs

According to a statement by Sabah State Health Department (JKNS) director Dr. Asits Sanna, he said Sulimah had registered as an organ donor in 2015.

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Msian nurse who passed away
Photo via FB/JKN Sabah

Her wish to help others finally came true after the hospital obtained written consent from her next of kin and donated her kidneys, liver, and corneas, saving five patients as a result.

The organ and tissue donation by the late Sulimah saved the lives of three patients suffering from kidney and liver failure, while two other patients were given sight.

“The Sabah State Health Department would like to express our utmost appreciation to the family members who fulfilled her wish and for the gift of life she has given,” he said.

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Remembered fondly by colleagues

Dr. Asits also said that Sulimah had served in the Ministry of Health (MOH) for 34 years since 1989 and was known to be a dedicated worker and caring individual towards patients.

He added that Sulimah’s act of pledging to be an organ donor should serve as an inspiration and example to the public.

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Donating organs saves lives! If you wish to find out more on how you can be an organ donor, head over to this MOH website.


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