M’sian Netizen Upset After RM209 Raya Outfit Frays After Just 5 Hours

OOTD raya tak jadi ;)
Dropping RM209 on an Eid outfit should guarantee a day of looking and feeling great, right?

But this man bought his outfit only to have it betray him within hours, turning from chic to shabby because of those annoying little fuzz balls.

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This saga kicks off with the excitement of Eid preparations, including the purchase of new clothes, a cherished tradition for many.

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But for a brother, this excitement quickly turned into disappointment.

The brother’s new outfit, a symbol of festivity and joy, couldn’t hold up to a single day’s wear without showing premature signs of aging.

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Frustrated, the sister turns to social media to share his brother’s dismay.

“Can we talk about clothes that decide to age 10 years in less than a day?” she posts, sparking an unexpected wave of camaraderie among fellow buyers.

M'sian netizen upset after rm209 raya outfit frays after just 5 hours | weirdkaya
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It turns out they weren’t alone in their experience.

Others jumped in with their own stories and pictures of their expensive outfits that also couldn’t stand the test of time.

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