“You Work Here Cause You’re Stupid!’ – M’sian Insults Staff After He Wasn’t Allowed To Pay At TnG Lane With Cash

And he don't know how to get through a toll properly.
A toll booth operator was insulted as stupid by a driver when informed that the Touch and Go lane does not accept cash payments.

This incident occurred at a toll booth on the Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE) in Malaysia and has since captured the attention of the Royal Malaysia Police.

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The episode was later uploaded to social media by the booth operator’s brother.

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Insufficient TnG credit

The confrontation began when the driver found out that his Touch ‘n Go card balance was insufficient and the booth would not accept cash.

In another video posted by the staff’s brother, the toll staff clarified that he suggested the driver pay via credit or debit card at another lane.

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“He went and parked at the particular lane for some time, only to return back to my lane.” He added.

The first video started with the driver furiously rejecting the suggested alternative payment methods, like credit or debit cards.

“Because you are stupid!”

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Image via X/@AzfaMierul

During his rant, the driver also made derogatory remarks about the operator’s intelligence.

“You’re working at the toll booth because you’re stupid… if you were smart, you wouldn’t be working here.” The driver said.

Despite the intense confrontation, the toll booth operator maintained his composure, responding with a smile and informing the driver that he would be calling the police.

In the end, the staff went the extra mile to help the driver by accepting his cash, despite it being outside their standard operating procedure.

“Only after I offered to help him did he quiet down a bit, but by that time he had already ranted for a long time.”

Escalated to the police

The video quickly went viral, prompting a police response that encouraged the booth operator to file a formal complaint to aid in the investigation.

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Pdrm replied

Image via X/@AzfaMierul

Additionally, the incident sparked widespread support from netizens who criticized the driver’s disrespectful behaviour.

Many highlighted the importance of respecting all professions, with comments like “Money can’t buy class” and calls for family intervention: “Whoever’s father this is, please advise your dad.”

Watch the video here:

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