M’sian Motorcyclist Removes Box Which Fell At The Middle Of The Penang Bridge

Thank you abang!
A car driver recently experienced a moment of panic when a large box flew and became stuck in their car on Penang Bridge.

Fortunately, a kind motorcyclist came to the rescue and helped remove the box from the front of the car.

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Motorcyclist carryinbg a box with him
Screenshot via FB/Penang Kini

Box flew and got stuck into the car

This incident was shared by the Facebook page, Penang Kini, featuring the clip of the car’s dashcam.

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In the three-minute-long video, a large box was seen suddenly flew from a lorry traveling in the opposite direction.

Box flying on penang bridge
Screenshot via FB/Penang Kini

The box landed directly in front of a car and became lodged there. The driver hesitated about leaving the car to remove the cardboard box.

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Worried about stopping too long and causing a crash from behind, the car driver kept driving slowly with the hazard lights on, even though the box was in the way.

Box stuck infront of car
Screenshot via FB/Penang Kini

Abang to the rescue

Upon seeing what was happening, a kind motorcyclist stopped in front of the car shown in the video, got off his motorcycle, and lifted the cardboard box.

Motorcyclist helping to remove box
Screenshot via FB/Penang Kini

He tried to flatten the box by stepping on it and carried the box with him while riding his bike.

However, because of the strong wind, the box slipped from the motorcyclist’s hand and fell behind. He had to stop again to deal with it.

Through the post, they also expressed their gratitude to the motorcyclist for his generous assistance in removing the box from the car.

“Thank you very much to the TNB brother who got off his motorcycle to help move the box,” they wrote.

Netizens praised the motorcyclist

This post has captured the attention of many netizens, who have been seen showering praises upon the kind individual for his help.

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“Thank you, kind person.. may Allah always ease your affairs, brother.. amen.”

M’sian motorcyclist removes box which fell at the middle of the penang bridge
Screenshot via FB/Penang Kini

“Thank you, brother in the pink shirt.. you’re truly the best..”

M’sian motorcyclist removes box which fell at the middle of the penang bridge | weirdkaya
Screenshot via FB/Penang Kini

Watch the full video here:

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