“This Will Be You If You Don’t Study Hard” — M’sian Mom Defends Son From Unkind Remark Made By Customer

It's not much, but at least it's honest work.
While there are certain careers that many parents would want their children to pursue for a better life, those who are unable to obtain their career of choice still deserve respect for earning an honest living.

A woman in Penang recently took to Facebook to share a heartbreaking moment of how a customer made a cutting remark about her son who worker as a burger vendor.

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Photo via FB/Hey Broger

‘This will be you if you don’t study hard’

In the Facebook post dated Mar 23, the woman named Everlyn Ong wrote that her son was serving an uncle who had his grandson with him at the time.

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Suddenly, she heard the uncle make the following remark to his grandson:

Do you see this? This will be you if you don’t study hard.

Despite hearing the unkind remark, Everlyn’s son held his peace and served the uncle and went on to prepare the remaining orders.

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Photo via FB/Everlyn Ong

That night after they closed the stall and went home, Everlyn assured her son that she was still proud of him no matter what others thought of him.

“Although I know your heart is sad, but you just need to disregard what others say about you. You’re doing very well and continue to keep it up!” she told her son.

Towards the end of the post, Everlyn wrote that the most important thing in life is to be a better version of oneself and that every career deserves respect.

Read her post here:

Netizens offer support

The post has since garnered 5K reactions and more than 400 comments at the time of writing, with netizens showing solidarity and support for Everlyn and her son.

“Don’t worry, you’re not alone! As long as we don’t steal, don’t cheat people, and do our job (in serving) them the nicest food we can! Jiayou!”

Screenshot via FB/Everlyn Ong

“A certificate cannot determine your future. There are some who are good at studying but lack social etiquettes.”

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Screenshot via FB/Everlyn Ong

Another sarcastically remarked, “I would’ve told that grandson: ‘Do you see this? You’ll become an idiot like your grandfather if you don’t use your brain.'”

Screenshot via FB/Everlyn Ong

Whatever job one does for a living, let’s not despise them for it as long as they are doing it honestly!


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