M’sian Men Get Into Fight Over Car Accident, One Of Them Threatens To Call ‘Police Friends’ On The Other

Does he have them on speed dial?
Getting into accidents is not a major inconvenience, but it also a highly stressful situation when both parties try to determine who was in the wrong.

A viral video showed two men yelling at each other along Jalan Pelabuhan Barat following an accident, with one of them claiming that he had many friends in the police force and threatened to call them over.

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M’sian men get into fight over car accident

In the 45-second clip shared on Twitter, it showed the two men shouting at each other after getting into a car accident, with the man in a black suit yelling, “Do you know who I am?”

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Msian man getting into verbal fight with another driver on the road
Screenshot via X@mynewshub

As the men continued to exchange angry and obscene words at each other, the man in the suit told the other man that he knew many people in the police force and subtly hinted that he would have no trouble calling them to the scene.

However, when he was pestered to pay compensation for the damage he caused, the man in the suit became more irate and called the other man a ‘p****h’.

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M'sian men get into fight over car accident, one of them threatens to call 'police friends' on the other
Screenshot via X@mynewshub

Police investigating

South Klang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Cha Hoong Fong later issued a statement over the incident which took place last Wednesday.

“Our investigation found that a Proton Saga and a Proton Gen 2 were involved in an accident at around 2.20pm, where both drivers were traveling from Pulau Indah towards Klang.

“After the Saga driver was rear-ended by the Gen 2 driver, he asked for compensation and recorded the verbal brawl,” he said, adding that a police report was lodged on the same day by the Saga driver.

South klang district police chief assistant commissioner cha hoong fong
Photo via Utusan Malaysia

Cha said a Notice of Witness Summons under Section 111 of the Criminal Procedure Code has been issued for the Gen 2 driver for further investigation.

Witnesses are urged to contact Investigating Officer, Sergeant Mohamad Amirrul Roseli at 017-9469798 or the nearest police station.

Watch the fight here:

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