M’sian Man’s Hands Swell & Rot As His Rings Were Worn Too Tightly


Trigger warning: The following article contains images some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

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Rings are worn by people for various reasons, with the most common reason being marriage and the other being simply as a fashion statement.

However, a man in Perak had several of his fingers bleed and turn black after the rings he wore were too tight, causing his finger to swell and rot away.

Man’s rings were worn too tightly

In a Facebook post shared by the Teluk Intan fire station, it wrote that the victim made an emergency call to them on Saturday (Dec 2) to help cut the rings which were worn too tightly on his fingers.

It added that the victim had previously gone to seek treatment at the Teluk Intan hospital, where the staff contacted the fire station to perform the rescue operation.

Based on the photos shared in the post, the victim wore a total of five rings on both hands and the affected fingers were swollen and had turned black with pus oozing out due to a lack of blood circulation.

Rings successfully removed

Thankfully, the victim’s agony and pain were put to an end after firefighters were finally able to free his fingers from the rings.

After the rescue operation, both of his hands were washed with sodium chloride solution in order to get rid of the germs and slow the spread of the infection, turning the clear solution into a dark, murky complexion.

At the end of the post, the Teluk Intan fire station advised the public to take care of their personal safety and refrain from engaging in any actions that may endanger them.


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