M’sian Man Wins RM1K Daily For The Next 20 Years With Just RM1 Bet

He also won RM100,000 in bonus money for being an M premium member.
Many dream of becoming a millionaire overnight by winning a jackpot worth millions of Ringgit. Even if they don’t strike it rich, most wouldn’t mind winning an amount of money everyday either.

A business owner in KL could hardly believe his eyes and ears after it was revealed that he had won a grand prize which allowed him to win RM1,000 daily for two decades.

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M’sian man wins RM1K daily for the next 20 years

According to a press statement released by Magnum 4D, the winner had spent just a minimal amount of RM1 to try his luck at securing the grand prize.

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Magnum rm1k daily poster
Provided to WeirdKaya by Magnum 4D

To his amazement, he was named the winner of the Magnum Life Grand Prize on Mar 24, where he would be awarded RM1,000 for the next 20 years.

On top of that, he also walked away with an additional RM100,000 bonus reward for signing up to be an M Premium member on the MyMagnum 4D app.

With this win, it marked the first time an M Premium member has received an additional bonus amount.

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‘It’s a dream come true’

The unnamed winner could hardly hold in his emotions when describing his momentous win.

It’s a dream come true for my family and I. Being an M Premium member and receiving the extra bonus money has truly made this a life-changing win for me.

Magnum 4d shop
Photo by WeirdKaya

“I’m glad I joined the M Premium membership programme, and all I had to do was scan my tickets before each draw on the MyMagnum 4D app to qualify for the bonus reward if I struck the Magnum Life Grand Prize,” he said.

The man, who’s a father to two children, said that his winning numbers —04 06 08 12 15 19 22 31— have a special meaning to him as it corresponded to the birth dates of his loved ones.

He added that he had faithfully stuck to those numbers ever since his youngest child was born in 2022.

Winning magnum 4d numbers for rm1k daily prize
Provided to WeirdKaya by Magnum 4D

When asked what he plans to do with the prize money, the man said he will look to using the money on bank investments and purchasing a home.

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