M’sian Man From Cheras Wins RM10.9 Mil As Magnum 4D’s First Jackpot Winner In 2024

He claimed to have applied mathematical calculations to win.

In an exhilarating start to the year, an individual from Cheras struck gold, winning the first grand prize of Magnum 4D and taking home a staggering RM10.9 million.

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According to their press release, the winner succeeded by betting on two sets of numbers, 7474 and 3964, which dramatically altered his life.

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M'sian man from cheras wins rm10. 9 mil as magnum 4d's first jackpot winner in 2024 | weirdkaya
Image provided to WeirdKaya

The winner discussed his method for selecting these numbers in the statement.

7474 has always been my favourite. Its double-number charm has proven to bring me luck and I have won some small winnings in the past. It never disappoints me,” said the winner.

It’s noteworthy that ‘7474’ is associated with a Mandarin homophone meaning “Go die,” often shunned by many Chinese.

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He added that the inclusion of 3964 isn’t coincidental as well.

This set of numbers secured a top-three spot in past draws.

As someone fascinated by numerology and various combinations, he has been tracking past winning numbers.

Applying mathematical calculations, I took my chances to bet on these set of numbers. I couldn’t believe my luck when I won,” the winner recalled happily.

The excitement of victory unfolded on a Sunday evening when, after a dinner event, he eagerly checked the draw results.

The appearance of 7474 sparked immediate joy, but it was the subsequent discovery of 3964 that genuinely amplified his elation.

I was overjoyed, to say the least, I double-checked the draw numbers just to make sure.

This “too good to be true” outcome prompted him to document the moment by photographing his tickets.

“I was thrilled and excited, experiencing a wave of emotions,” he excitedly shared in the statement.

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Regarding his post-win plans, the man outlined a considerate approach.

I intend to invest in property and diversify my investments to optimise different opportunities.

He also mentioned giving back to the community by doing more charity, like offering scholarships to underprivileged (B40) students.

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