M’sian Man Who Slept At Public Park For Over 1 Year Finally Has A Place To Stay

Good for him.
To survive, human being must meet several vital needs such as the need to fill their stomach with food, a roof over their head, and safety from all harm.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to have these basic needs met and are forced to fend for themselves with little to no help.

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Slept at public park for over 1 year

One such individual was an elderly man named An Ge (安哥), who has been sleeping at a public park for more than a year.

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In a Facebook post by philanthropist Uncle Kentang, whose real name is Kuan Chee Heng, he wrote that An Ge has lived alone and braved the uncomfortable conditions that came with sleeping at the park.

During the one year, mosquitoes had become his friends, the rain his blanket, and the wind his visitor.

“Furthermore, his relationship with his children is strained and he lives all by himself,” he wrote.

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Rented a room for him

Moved by his plight, Uncle Kentang wrote that he rented a room for An Ge at SS2 with a monthly rent of RM500.

“Now he can sleep well and have a bed of his own so that he won’t have to sit on a hard bench in the cold rain anymore.

“However, he still needs additional items such as pillows, bed sheets, blankets, tables, chairs, a water heater, a fan, shampoo, soap, a desk lamp, towels, bowls, plates, chopsticks, and utensils,” he wrote.

Uncle Kentang added that those willing to donate the aforementioned items can contact him at 018-2683999 or deliver them directly to An Ge at 43, Jalan SS2/19, PJ.

It’s so heartwarming to see that there are still Malaysians who are still willing to help those in need!


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