M’sian Man Upset Over Getting Only Wishes On Birthday After He Spent RM1K On GF’s

He gets wishes, she gets a designer purse.
Dating feels like a sweet ride, but things get a bit tricky when we start talking about money.

Recently, a Malaysian man found himself in a similar situation. He went all out, spending nearly RM1,000 on his girlfriend’s birthday, only to receive a simple birthday wish in return on his own special day.

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Talk about a one-sided celebration!

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In a recent tweet on the SecretsMy Twitter page, @twtsecretsmy, an anonymous 29-year-old shared his frustration.

He opened up about the imbalance of consistently spending on his girlfriend without any financial reciprocation. This one-sided dynamic is making him contemplate the idea of even calling it quits.

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“We go on a date every weekend, and I cover everything from picking her up (even if it’s on the other side of the destination—she lives in Taiping, and I’m in Subang), to food, cinema, and everything from A to Z.” he shared.

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The man also revealed that when he attempted to suggest less frequent meet-ups for their weekend dates, his 27-year-old girlfriend became upset and would give him the cold shoulder, asserting that he wasn’t devoting enough time to her even once a week.

“I understand the responsibilities of a man, but should I have to take care of everything even before the relationship?” he questioned in the anonymous post.

He spends nearly RM1000 for GF’s birthday

His major gripe is that he went all out, splurging almost RM1000 on his girlfriend’s birthday, only to receive a mere birthday wish from her in return.

“For her birthday, I spent almost 1k on everything, including a designer purse. On my birthday, I only received wishes.” he wrote.

Because of his girlfriend’s frugal attitude, he’s been thinking about breaking up sometimes. But he’s stuck because he doesn’t want to make it seem like it’s all her fault for being so frugal with money.

“I have talked to her many times about this, but I don’t see any changes.” he expressed.

He emphasized that she knows he loves pampering her, yet there are moments when he feels like the only one making an effort, especially when he doesn’t get much in return.

As he pondered the intricacies of his relationship, he wrapped up his thoughts with a compelling question:

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“Is it true that if a woman loves her man, she doesn’t mind spending on him? Or should she never settle for less?”

Netizens poured their own thoughts in

One of the netizens disagrees, pointing out that his girlfriend doesn’t spend equally as much as him while emphasizing the need for his girlfriend to be more appreciative.

“I don’t agree with her. It’s good that you spend for her. Good effort from you. But she also needs to do the same. Need to appreciate you and at least be equal a bit.”

M’sian man upset over getting only wishes on birthday after he spent rm1k on gf’s | weirdkaya
Screenshot via X/@twtsecretsmy

Another netizen also shared a similar thought, emphasizing that both sides need to put in effort for love to flourish.

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“Your girlfriend doesn’t reciprocate your love and effort. If a woman loves, she should be willing to pamper her partner too. It’s tiring if it’s always one-sided. In marriage, it can’t be that only the husband puts in effort; both partners need to make an effort. Love requires effort from both sides.”

M’sian man upset over getting only wishes on birthday after he spent rm1k on gf’s
Screenshot via X/@twtsecretsmy

A user advised him to consider leaving the relationship, highlighting that there’s no need to waste his time on her.

“Simple, if your values don’t match, then just leave; no need to waste their time or your time… By the way, where is Taiping?”

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M’sian man upset over getting only wishes on birthday after he spent rm1k on gf’s
Screenshot via X/@twtsecretsmy

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think it’s fair for one partner to spend significantly more than the other? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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