M’sian Man Stunned By RM5 ‘Fee’ Charged By KL Restaurant Over Messy Table

Reasonable or not?
While eating out at restaurants, it’s normal to leave crumbs or food debris all over the table. However, would you expect being charged extra just because you made a mess?

This was exactly what happened to a Malaysian man, who claimed he was hit with a RM5 ‘fee’ by a restaurant in KL for not keeping the table clean.

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M’sian man stunned by RM5 ‘fee’ over messy table

In a tweet shared by @meinmokhtar on Wednesday (June 19), the anonymous man wrote that he and his family, including a child who was under 2 years old, went to a KL restaurant for a meal.

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Young girl having a meal with her mum
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To his shock, he was charged an additional RM5 to his existing food bill. The reason? For leaving the table in a messy state.

This is the first time I’ve been ‘fined’ RM5 at a restaurant for having a messy table,” he griped.

Furthermore, the netizen added that the dishes he ordered were too expensive, leaving a bitter taste to an already unpleasant experience.

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“Stir fry kailan with salted fish, omelette, siakap 3 rasa (3-flavoured sea bass), no Tom Yum…all for RM55. Super expensive. Plus the ‘fine’ too.”
Staff handing the restaurant bill
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Mixed reactions

In the comment section, netizens were divided over how to react towards the netizen’s situation and shared their opinions on it.

One suggested that the netizen keep a physical proof of the RM5 ‘fee’ before reporting it to the relevant authorities.

M'sian man stunned by rm5 'fee' charged by kl restaurant over messy table comment 1
Screenshot via X

One netizen expressed confusion over the need to charge RM5 for a messy table, but added that RM55 for the meal wasn’t expensive in her view.

M'sian man stunned by rm5 'fee' charged by kl restaurant over messy table comment 2
Screenshot via X

Meanwhile, there were some who sided with the restaurant, with one writing that the ‘fee’ was a small price parents have to pay for failing to control their children at public places.

M'sian man stunned by rm5 'fee' charged by kl restaurant over messy table comment 3
Screenshot via X

Do you agree with the restaurant’s decision to charge RM5 for messy tables? Share with us in the comments!


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