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M’sian Man Straps Watermelon To His Belly To Experience How His Pregnant Wife Feels On A Daily Basis

He also tried to do daily chores with the watermelon on his belly.

In an adorable experiment that’s both heartwarming and a little quirky, a Malaysian man named Narendran took empathy to a whole new level.

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Wanting to walk a mile in his eight-month-pregnant wife’s shoes, he came up with a unique idea: strapping a medium-sized watermelon to his belly using cellophane wrap and going about his day.

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This unusual day was documented on his TikTok page @narendran60, where viewers got a firsthand look at his attempt to understand the physical toll of pregnancy.

Starting off with dressing up and heading out to run errands, Narendran’s watermelon-adorned journey wasn’t easy.

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Tasks like doing laundry, which involved bending down to soak clothes in detergent, quickly became challenging.

M'sian man straps watermelon to his belly to experience how his pregnant wife feels on a daily basis | weirdkaya
Screenshot via TikTok @narendran60

The physical strain of carrying the extra weight around his waist led him to moments of exhaustion, culminating in a much-needed break on the toilet seat.

Despite the sweat and toil, the experiment ended with Narendran unwrapping the watermelon, evidently relieved but also more enlightened.

“Pregnancy is never easy”

Speaking with WeirdKaya, Narendran revealed the experiment was sparked by a playful banter with his wife, where he playfully teased her walking style.

Reflecting on his wife’s reaction, Narendran noted, “She enjoyed giving me tasks, and eventually took pity on me when I couldn’t bear the weight. Yet, we shared heartfelt laughter throughout, creating a cherished memory for both of us.”

Reflecting on his experience, Narendran shared some words of wisdom for other men, emphasizing the underestimated strength and resilience of women during pregnancy.

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“As a man, I always assumed that women carrying out their daily tasks during pregnancy was normal… However, this challenge made me truly appreciate the physical strain they endure.”

While his one-day experiment only touched the surface, it highlighted the ongoing challenges women face, from morning sickness to body aches, throughout the pregnancy journey.

@narendran60 I did the watermelon pregnancy challenge and I realised being pregnant isnt a joke . I thought it wouldn't be that bad, but I couldn’t stand it for 30min 🥺🫡 @Navinaa 🌸 #pregnancychallenge🤰🏼❤️ ♬ original sound – Narendran


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