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M’sian Wife Surprises Hubby With Lion Dance For Their First Wedding Anniversary


Ever heard of anniversary surprises that totally knock your socks off?

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Well, Zirah Jamal, a cool TikToker from Malaysia, just raised the bar big time.

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Celebrating their first year of marriage, Zirah decided to spice up the dinner date with something you don’t see every day – a lion dance performance, right in the middle of a restaurant!

Zirah sneaked the surprise into their anniversary date, capturing her hubby’s priceless reaction on her TikTok (@kaklongtehais).

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Just as they were enjoying their meal, a suspiciously large truck rolled by, and her husband knew something was up. But he definitely didn’t guess what was coming next.

Then come the lion dancers, turning a regular dinner into an epic anniversary bash.

They didn’t just dance; they arranged oranges into a heart shape and revealed a couplet wishing the couple 100 years of happiness. How sweet is that?

The celebration wrapped up with the couple snapping photos with the lion dance crew, making this anniversary one for the books.

@kaklongtehais Finally dapat pun buat suprise tidak susah nak suprisenya 😂 malam semalam tido phone letak bawah batal risau kantoi plan nak prank dgn dia #fyp ♬ original sound – Zirahjamal

Extraordinary anniversary

Speaking to WeirdKaya, she shared, “I’m not into overly romantic celebrations, so the lion dance was a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary in a fun and unique manner.”

The couple, who officially tied the knot on February 17, 2023, and held their wedding ceremony the next day, chose to upload the celebration video on February 18, 2024.

Finding the right dance troupe at an affordable price was a challenge.

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Zirah said she turned to Facebook and reached out to several lion dance clubs across Johor.

Reflecting on the effort to organize the surprise, she added, “It was a bit challenging to find an affordable lion dance troupe, but seeing my husband’s reaction made it all worth it.”

Zirah just showed us how to level up anniversary gifts, making us all wonder, “What’s next?”

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