M’sian Man Shoots 61yo Friend Dead After Mistaking Him For A Deer While Out Hunting

He thought it was a deer.

A 52-year-old Malaysian man has confessed to accidentally shooting his 61-year-old friend dead while hunting, mistaking him for a deer, in a forest near Muka Sauk, Kuala Klawang, Jelebu on April 24.

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Jelebu District Police Chief, DSP Maslan Udin, reported that the man surrendered himself at the Titi Police Station at 8:30 pm on the same day, informing them of the tragic incident.

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According to the police statement, the incident occurred in the early morning hours of April 24. Both the suspect and the victim had entered the forest armed with homemade firearms for a hunting expedition.

Mistook as deer

In a dramatic turn of events, the suspect fired a shot at his friend, mistaking him for a kijang aka muntjac (barking deer). The victim died on the spot.

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The police have arrested the suspect and confiscated the suspected homemade firearm, along with several live bullets and bullet casings. The man is currently being held in remand for six days, until April 30, for further investigation.

The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code and Section 8 of the Arms Act 1960.

Read the police statement here:


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