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M’sian Man Shocked By Handwritten Boarding Pass, Airline Staff Tells Him That It’s Normal

Overbooked flight.

A Malaysian traveler was taken aback when presented with a handwritten boarding pass by an airline, a response to an overbooked flight scenario.

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Handwritten boarding pass

According to China Press, the incident, shared on Facebook, highlighted the traveler’s initial attempt to check in via online platforms and self-service kiosks, which unfortunately led to the discovery that their ticket was double-booked with another passenger.

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Photo by WeirdKaya. For illustration purposes only.

The traveler learned that overbooking is a common practice within the airline industry, designed to optimize flight capacity and reduce wasted seats.

When I asked the airline staff, they told me that it was normal.”

He further shared that in cases where passengers cannot be accommodated on their original flight due to overbooking, airlines typically offer placement on subsequent flights along with compensation.

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In this instance, an amount of $50 (approximately RM235) was mentioned as compensation.

According to the passenger’s account, this practice reflects the current business strategies in the airline sector, aiming to maximize customer intake and manage overbooking situations as efficiently as possible.

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