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M’sian Man Shares How He Obtained His Old IC Photos In A Framed Collage From JPN

Blast from the past.

In a heartwarming display of nostalgia and personal history, Malaysians are now cherishing their past through a unique initiative.

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TikToker Hanan Rahman has shared his experience of obtaining a framed collage featuring all his past IC (Identity Card) photos, a sentimental journey through different phases of life.

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JPN’s “Photos of Beautiful Memories” Initiative

The initiative, offered by the National Registration Department (JPN) in Malaysia, is part of the “Photos of Beautiful Memories” series.

Celebrating Malaysia’s National Registration Day on October 1, this programme allows individuals to order a collage of their previous IC photographs.

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M'sian man shares how he obtained his old ic photos in a framed collage from jpn
Screenshot via TikTok/@hananrahman86

Process and Accessibility: How to Obtain Your Own Collage

Malaysians can choose between an individual or a family set, with Hanan opting for the individual series, which he showcased in his TikTok video @hananrahman86.

Hanan’s framed collage is a testament to his personal journey, featuring his first IC photo, a snapshot from adulthood, and a third taken after losing his IC during a pilgrimage.

He learned about this opportunity from a television show and further explored it through JPN’s official Instagram page @jpnhqofficial. The process involved filling out a digital form and making an online payment, costing RM75 for an individual.

This initiative has sparked widespread admiration among Malaysians, who see it as a way to document their life journey in a single, meaningful photo collage, capturing their evolution from their first IC to the present.

And for your info, the programme has concluded, though, JPN annually offers this opportunity every October in alignment with National Registration Day. So you will have to wait until next year!

Jpn responds to the man's tiktok
Screenshot via TikTok/@hananrahman86

The personal significance of IC photo collages

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Hanan shared his perspective on the personal significance of these collages.

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When asked for advice for others interested in creating their own IC photo collage, he said, “Some people hesitate because they feel their IC photos are unflattering. But for me, that’s the beauty of life.

You can’t undo what is done, but you can learn from it and change.”

Challenges in the creation process

When asked about any challenges faced during the process, Hanan highlighted the patience required.

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“The main challenge is ‘The Time’,” he explained.

“You have to wait, sometimes up to 30 days.”

You can watch the full clip here:

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