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M’sian Man Sells Tissue Paper At Petrol Station So That He Could Provide For His Family

His daughters even had to stop schooling due to the struggle.
It’s a universal truth that everyone faces personal struggles until they find the courage to open up about them.

Recently, a Malaysian woman shared a story of a struggling father of two young kids who is facing hardships, even struggling to afford a daily meal.

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Taking to her Instagram account, Thevisha shared the story recounting her interaction with a man selling tissue paper at a petrol station on the Federal Highway.

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She noticed a man, limping, selling tissue at the petrol station. Promptly, she stopped her car and offered him cash.

He turned down her cash offer

“He refused the money immediately and told me if I could help him get grocery items,” Thevisha said.

Further into the conversation, the father, Yoges, expressed his need for grocery items, revealing the dire circumstances he faced.

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Following an accident, he was left with a disability that caused him to limp, making it difficult to find a job. Unable to secure work, he resorted to selling tissue paper to support his two daughters.

Thevisha added that due to the struggle, his daughters had to halt their education. She also mentioned that he also struggled with transportation due to a problematic bike.

Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Despite his hardships, Yoges remained determined to provide for his daughters, expressing his hope that groceries would enable him to cook for them.

Touched by his sincerity, Thevisha then shared her contact information with him, inviting him to visit her shop to collect the groceries.

Before departing, she made a stop at the nearest fast-food restaurant and purchased dinner for him.

Yoges received unwanted calls

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, Thevisha revealed that Yoges did not come to her shop to collect the groceries because he was feeling indecisive about it.

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It turned out that some people had called him, saying terrible things and even asking him to sell his daughters, which left him feeling terrified.

Msian man standing next to his motorbike
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Shocked by what had happened to him, Thevisha spent the whole day trying to console him and make him feel better.

Later, Yoges called back to share that kind-hearted individuals had come forward to help him by providing groceries and even offering to help fix his bike. With this news, she breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the man had received some help.

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Thevisha wants equality

In the interview, the compassionate woman, who encountered such a heartrending situation, further questions the equality everyone has in this country.

“It’s not as if everyone has a choice. It’s easy to say ‘go and get a job.’ But does everyone truly have equal opportunities?”

“I believe a country achieves true wealth when there are no homeless individuals or people begging anymore. So, if Yoges is unable to provide for his kids, I see it as a failure of the country too, because not everyone has the same chances in life and opportunities aren’t equally distributed,” she expressed.

Thevisha also urges for help in spreading Yoges’ story, hoping that together, people can work towards easing the difficulties faced by him and his daughters.

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