M’sian Man Seen Helping Old Man Cross The Road, Gets Praised By Netizens For His Kindness

The true Malaysian spirit!
A simple act of kindness touched the hearts of many in Malaysia after a young Malay man was seen assisting an elderly Chinese man with a walking stick across a busy street.

The video was uploaded on Facebook by a woman who witnessed the heartwarming scene while driving her daughter to school.

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Two Malay men stopped to help

Helping elderly to cross the road
Image via FB/Miki Yap II

According to her post, she saw two Malay men park their motorcycle at the side of the road at a traffic light stop.

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One of them approached the elderly man and helped him to the other side of the street safely.

“I wanted to roll down my window and thank the man,” the woman wrote in her post.

“But the light turned green, and I had to drive away.”

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“The real Malaysia”

Moved by the kindness of the strangers, she decided to share the video online, where it quickly drew widespread praise.

Netizens have flooded the post with positive comments, applauding the Malay youth for his kindness.

“We are all Malaysians. It’s only the politicians who play up racial divisions. We are a loving community,” Another user reflected.

Comment 1 malaysia
Image via FB/Miki Yap II
Comment malaysians are on family
Image via FB/Miki Yap II

” Some Malays are very helpful, last time they help push my car during flood.”

Comment the malay are very helpful
Image via FB/Miki Yap II

Others shared their own experiences of kindness from Malays, reinforcing the narrative of a compassionate society.

Watch the original video here:

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