M’sian Man Rants Over RM420 Service Fee For Mercedes, Owner Claps Back With The Receipts

The service for the Mercedes included 6 litres of engine oil, an oil filter, and labour.
In the bustling world of automotive service, customer feedback plays a pivotal role in shaping the reputation and success of service centres.

Mercedes owner criticised the car service centre for being expensive

Recently, a viral post shed light on the intricacies of managing customer satisfaction, underscoring the importance of effective communication and understanding.

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Mercedes at jdmh autoservice in masai johor
Photo via Fb/Famy Faramy

A Mercedes owner took to social media to express dissatisfaction with his experience at JDMH Autoservice in Masai, Johor. His critique encompassed various aspects, from organisational deficiencies to perceived unprofessionalism among the staff.

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He was especially upset about how the technician forcefully closed the car bonnet, which made him feel ignored.

‘The worst workshop I’ve been to’

The customer’s review detailed their dissatisfaction with the service centre: “The workshop lacked clear organisation, disorientated. Staff were super unfriendly and NOT customer-oriented, utterly rude and not welcoming. Technician attending to my car was extremely unskilled, unprofessional. He seriously needs ample training, guidance, and more experience.”

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Customer's bad review at  jdmh autoservice, masai, johor.
Photo via Fb/Famy Faramy

However, what ensued was a revealing dialogue between the dissatisfied customer and the service centre owner, unfolding in the comment section of the viral post.

Autoservice centre owner responded

In a surprising turn of events, the service centre owner refuted the negative review with a detailed rebuttal, offering insights into the service centre’s amenities and pricing structure.

“I’m not angry, but what’s the purpose of posting such a review? The waiting area has plenty of sofas where you can lounge comfortably.”

Jdmh autoservice in masai
Photo via Fb/Famy Faramy

“There’s a TV with Netflix, air conditioning with two 3hp cassettes, a Coway water dispenser, a chiller, WiFi, a prayer room, and a toilet.”

Jdmh autoservice in masai customer receipt
Photo via Fb/Famy Faramy

“Yet, he still complains about uncomfortable seating? “It’s a Mercedes C200. The service included 6 litres of engine oil, an oil filter, and labour for RM420.

Jdmh autoservice in masai johor
Photo via Fb/Famy Faramy

“Is it expensive? He also complains about the payment being expensive? Is the lighting in the shop poor like he claims? We’ve provided the best service possible, yet some still can’t accept an environment like this. It’s truly strange and puzzling,” he wrote.

The owner’s response highlighted the importance of context and perspective in evaluating customer feedback.

While the customer expressed discontent over certain aspects of the service, such as perceived unfriendliness and inadequate organisation, the service centre owner provided a counter-narrative, focusing on what they do to make customers happy and comfortable.

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In the end, the main point of the conversation was the difference between how the customer saw things and what was really going on.

Although the customer’s perspective painted a picture of inefficiency and neglect, the service centre owner presented a contrasting view, showcasing the amenities and attention to detail that characterise the establishment.

Read the full post here:

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