M’sian Man Begs For RM8.5K Loan From Friend To Help Settle His Toyota Alphard Debt Of 6 Months

Despite the plea, his friend wisely declined, citing financial inability.
In today’s social media era, showing off wealth is common. But a recent viral story reminds us of the risks of spending beyond our means. It warns against falling into the trap of materialism and emphasises the importance of living within our financial limits.

The narrative revolves around a man who found himself shackled by debt due to his relentless pursuit of a luxurious automobile. Shared on various social media platforms, the tale gained traction, shedding light on the consequences of unchecked spending habits.

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Man asked friend for RM8.5k to settle his Toyota Alphard car debt

Toyota alphard
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Zigwheels

According to a story account shared on Suhaimie Pro’s Facebook page and originally sourced from a person named Ejad Movi, Ejad received a distressing call from a friend, urging him to meet for an urgent matter. But he had no idea this meeting would reveal a story of financial troubles.

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When they met, the man’s friend made a desperate request. He was deep in debt and tearfully asked for a loan of RM8,500.

This money was meant to cover six months of overdue payments for a Toyota Alphard—a luxurious car that had become a financial burden.

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Man in distressed state
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

Despite the emotional plea, Ejad wisely refused the request, explaining he couldn’t afford to lend such a large sum.

“You spend too much. You change your iPhone every year, and that Tissot watch isn’t right for us yet, bro. I’ve told you many times not to buy the Alphard even if you earned RM5 – RM6k a month.

Even if you cried tears of blood, I can’t give you RM8,500. This RM8,500 might not be something you can pay back, and it might not even solve your future problems.”

Some are willing to tighten their belts just to drive a luxurious-car

Afterward, the man gave wise advice to his friend, suggesting he consider other options like selling assets or talking to banks. It was clear that his friend’s money problems were made worse by careless spending habits, reflecting a common issue in society.

In the end, Ejad shared a valuable advice, warning against the dangers of showing off wealth. He urged people not to feel pressured to pretend they’re richer than they are, stressing the need for smart money management and careful choices.

“Don’t let the desire for social media praise make us suffer for nine years in just a few minutes,” he concluded.

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