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M’sian Man Quietly Helps Neighbour Take Care Of Her Lime Tree Whenever She’s Not Around

She said Lim had 'saved' the plant at least 3 times.

In a heartwarming story of neighborly love that’s melting hearts across Malaysia, a Chinese man turned lime tree savior has been secretly working his gardening magic to keep his Malay neighbor’s plants alive.

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This has taken TikTok by storm, thanks to @fitramlan, who shared how her neighbor, Mr. Lim, has been the stealthy guardian of her lime tree — reviving it not once, not twice, but three times.

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In the video caption, she wrote: ‘He has been saving our lime trees because he knows we love to use them to make sambal.”

M'sian man quietly helps neighbour take care of her lime tree whenever she's not around | weirdkaya
Screenshot via TikTok/ @fitramlan

These neighbors in a Malaysian community have been living side by side for five years, bonding over a shared love for gardening amidst their busy lives.

“Due to our busy schedules, we couldn’t take care of it properly, and eventually, the tree died,” she told WeirdKaya.

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When the family’s lime tree attempts failed due to neglect, Mr. Lim, in true superhero fashion, swooped in to save the day — watering, fertilizing, and even adding soil when the family was away, ensuring the lime tree not only survived but thrived.

A few weeks later, to my surprise, I saw that the lime tree was alive again and even had fruits on it 🤣. I knew it was him who replanted it because whenever I went back to my hometown or was away on vacation, he sometimes helped water my plants and even fertilize them.

Quiet guardian of the garden

Typically, he wouldn’t inform her whether he had planted or watered them; all she would come to realize was the sudden appearance of a new plant.

Out of the blue, soil would be added, and the area tidied up. However, on this occasion, she humorously “caught” him in the act of planting the tree.

In addition to the lime tree, he had also lent a hand in planting a chili tree in the backyard.


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