M’sian Man Offers RM6,000 Reward For Parrot Lost In Eagle Chase

It went missing after an eagle chase.
Animal lovers often share an unbreakable bond with their pets, treating them as cherished family members.

In a heartfelt plea, a Malaysian bird owner is offering a RM6,000 reward for the safe return of his cherished parrot, which has been missing for nearly a week.

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According to Sinar Harian, the parrot went missing after a harrowing encounter with an eagle.

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Msian man holding two parrots

The incident reportedly occurred during a routine free-flying session near a rice mill in Changkat Lada, Seberang Perak on June 12.

Describing the incident, the owner, Muhammad Haziq Aminuddin shared, “The parrot was flying towards me but suddenly fled in panic when it was chased by an eagle.”

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“It veered off in another direction and disappeared. I am extremely worried as it hasn’t been found yet. This parrot is very sensitive and needs meticulous care. I’ve only had it for four months, which is why I’m offering a RM6,000 reward.” he expressed.

“Please return the parrot if you find it. Without proper care, it will die. Contact me if you find it,” he said.

The parrot, named Ujin, has a tag on its leg with Haziq’s phone number for easy contact.

“Ujin is the only bird I keep because of my passion for birds. This has become a beloved hobby for me,” Haziq explained.

Missing parrot

This isn’t Haziq’s first free-flying session with his bird.

He has conducted over 20 such activities to train the bird to return by itself and to allow it some freedom.

Haziq has leveraged various social media platforms to spread the word about Ujin’s disappearance and has enlisted the help of friends who are also parrot enthusiasts.

While a police report has not yet been filed, Haziq indicated that he would do so if Ujin remains missing in the coming days.

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Anyone with information on Ujin’s whereabouts is urged to contact Muhammad Haziq at 011-36027006.


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