M’sian Man Horrified To Find Used Plaster Inside Noodles At Sabah Restaurant

In a growing trend of unsettling discoveries in food, ranging from dead insects to fish hooks, there’s yet another incident to highlight.

Recently, a Malaysian family was taken aback when they found a plaster in their noodles at a restaurant in Sabah.

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Adding to the shock, one of the family members unknowingly bit into the plaster, mistaking it for a thin slice of roast pork before noticing it.

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Plaster found inside noodle soup
Photo via FB/Shawn Cgy

Man finds plaster in noodles

Taking it to his Facebook account, Shawn Cgy shared a horrifying incident that he and his family faced at a restaurant in Sabah while dining in.

Describing the scene, he recounted their decision to treat his in-laws to lunch, opting for roast pork with rice noodles.

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As the meal arrived, his father-in-law praised the chef’s precise knife skills, only for his expression to shift abruptly.

Upon biting into what seemed like thinly sliced pork, his father-in-law discovered it was actually a PLASTER.

Man showing plaster found inside noodle soup
Photo via FB/Shawn Cgy

Reacting swiftly, they called over the owner to address the unsettling find.

After investigating with the staff, the owner admitted that the plaster worn by one of the staff had accidentally fallen into the noodles during preparation, offering an apology.

Despite the apology and a gesture to comp the meal, Shawn’s father-in-law raised concerns about potential bacterial contamination from the plaster.

However, the owner brushed off the severity of the situation, citing difficulties in constant supervision of the kitchen staff.

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“It’s not that serious, is it? I can’t always supervise the workers’ actions 100%; I have to oversee both the front and back of the restaurant,” she said.

Disgusted and disheartened, they chose to leave the restaurant.

Here is the full post:


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