M’sian Man Flips The Middle Finger After He Was Filmed Smoking At The Mamak

Those caught smoking are liable to a RM10,000 fine.
Smoking at public areas has long been banned but some Malaysians continue to disregard the law due to poor enforcement.

A man was recently caught on camera puffing away at a mamak and had some choice words (or gestures) to say to the cameraperson in the form of a vulgar hand sign.

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M’sian man flips the middle finger after he was caught smoking

In a nine-second video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a cardiologist named Ezman Shariff, it showed a man dressed in a dark blue t-shirt having a smoke at the mamak at an undisclosed area.

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M'sian man caught smoking at mamak
Photo via X/@ezmanshariff

When he realised someone was recording him having a smoke, the man became aggressive and tried to charge towards the cameraperson but was stopped by his friend.

As the camera zoomed into the man’s face, he taunted the cameraperson by making a face before rounding it off with the middle finger.

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M'sian man shows the middle finger
Screenshot via X/@ezmanshariff

In the caption, Ezman said a four-year-old child was reportedly at the mamak at the time and lamented the lack of enforcement against those who smoked at public places.

What have we become! Smoking is prohibited in eating areas and yet no one cares. When others speak up because a 4y old is in the vicinity, they get threatened.

“Truly end of Generation End-Game…maybe just an end of a generation as a whole!” he wrote while tagging former and current health ministers in the post.

‘Toothless law’

In the comment section, netizens laid a majority of the blame on the government for failing to follow through and enforce the anti-smoking laws they themselves have enacted or proposed.

M'sian man flips the middle finger after he was filmed smoking at the mamak comment 1
Screenshot via X/@ezmanshariff
M'sian man flips the middle finger after he was filmed smoking at the mamak comment 2
Screenshot via X/@ezmanshariff

A netizen suggested sending a message to shops who allow patrons to smoke openly by leaving them with a one-star rating.

M'sian man flips the middle finger after he was filmed smoking at the mamak comment 3
Screenshot via X/@ezmanshariff
Back in 2022, then health minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced its “generational endgame to smoking” with a law that bans Malaysians born after 2005 from buying cigarettes.

However, since its proposal, it has failed to be made into law and no follow-ups have been made since then.

Read the thread here:

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