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M’sian Man Finds Raw Ingredients In Lunchbox Packed By “Wife” But There’s A Twist

Thank goodness for the fried chicken for saving his day.
Imagine eagerly opening your lunchbox, anticipating a homemade meal, only to find raw ingredients staring back at you. That’s precisely the unexpected surprise a Malaysian man encountered recently.

A video showcasing a glimpse into his wife’s packed meal went viral, drawing attention as it unveiled a mix of raw essentials like rice, garlic, and green chilies. Amidst the unconventional contents, a lone fried chicken wing saved the day.

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The video was humorously captioned “POV: When the wife gets sulky,” adding to the hilarity of the situation.

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So the story goes like this

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, 27-year-old Muhammad Ammar clarified that he is not actually married yet.

“Everything said in the video is purely for content,” he emphasized, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes of the viral sensation.

Turns out, Ammar was pressed for time and hastily grabbed whatever he could find at home before rushing off to work. “I didn’t have time to cook at home because I was running late,” he confessed.

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Additionally, he explained that he brought the raw ingredients to his office due to time constraints. As for the fried chicken wing, he said that it was a given by his sister.

Humorous way of conveying a message

In the interview, Ammar explained his intention behind the humorous portrayal of a wife’s action.

“What I want to convey in this video is not to let your wife get upset. Otherwise, you might end up with a meal like this every day.” he said mentioning the importance of mutual understanding and appreciation in relationships.

The real meal

Revealing the culinary outcome of his office cooking session, Ammar shared that those ingredients were used to whip up a spicy Chinese-style fried rice with the help of multi-cooker at his workplace.

A plate of fried rice with chicken wing
Provided to WeirdKaya

Netizens were rolling in laughter

The video has racked up over 2.6 million views and has garnered thousands of comments from netizens.

“Thank goodness he was given a cooked chicken. If he had given raw chicken, it would have been a hassle to prepare it by himself. Then with the ingredients already given, all he need to do is cook.”

M'sian man finds raw ingredients in lunchbox packed by
Screenshot via TikTok/@jerungrakuzofficial

As people keep laughing and sharing the video on social media, Ammar’s funny take on married life gives us a new way to look at things.

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Watch the full video here:


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