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M’sian Man Fearlessly Hangs Snakes Out To Dry On Rack As If They Were Clothes

Umm sir???

In a remarkable display that has captivated netizens, Amar Rydha, a TikTok content creator and the operator of Yan’z Exotic Mini Zoo, has stirred up social media with his unique blend of domestic chores and exotic animal handling.

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Known for his deep affection for snakes, Amar recently uploaded a video on TikTok (@amarrydha97) that has since gone viral for its unexpected twist.

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The video begins with a seemingly mundane scene: Amar, standing outside his house, appears to be engaging in the everyday task of hanging clothes to dry.

Man takes out his snakes to hang them on the drying rack
Screenshot via TikTok/@amarrydha97

However, the plot takes a wild turn when, instead of laundry, he pulls out several snakes from a basket. In a display that left viewers astounded, Amar proceeds to drape these slithering reptiles over the clothes rack.

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Different snakes dries on the drying rack
Screenshot via TikTok/@amarrydha97

Each snake, varying in size and color, adapts surprisingly well to the structure, comfortably dangling from the rack as if it were their natural habitat.

Demonstrating his ease and expertise in handling these intimidating creatures, Amar skillfully manages several snakes at once, at times holding two in one hand.

The climax of the video showcases all the snakes resting nonchalantly on the clothes rack, presenting a bizarre yet intriguing sight.

A closeup of the snakes
Screenshot via TikTok/@amarrydha97

Accompanying this unusual scene, Amar’s caption adds a touch of humor: “As husbands, we have to help our wives hang the clothes to dry.”

This cheeky comment not only reflects Amar’s lighthearted approach to his passion for reptiles but also adds a relatable touch to the otherwise extraordinary scenario.

The reason behind the rack

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Amar sheds light on his viral TikTok video where he nonchalantly hangs snakes on a clothes rack.

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Amar explained that the primary reason for placing his snakes on the clothes rack was not just for show, but rather for a health-related purpose. “I dried my snakes on the rack to let them obtain vitamin C from the sun,”

When questioned about the types of snakes he cares for, Amar revealed his diverse collection, which includes a python, ball python, corn snake, milk snake, and Mexican black king.

Drying snakes on a rack, as it turns out, is not without its challenges. “Snakes don’t know to stay put,” Amar mentioned, highlighting the need for quick action and constant attention to ensure the snakes don’t wander off.

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Amar also clarified that while he usually dries his snakes in individual boxes designed for them, the video was created for content purposes.

Reactions from netizens

The unusual sight of snakes being hung on a clothes rack has elicited a range of reactions from netizens.

M'sian man fearlessly hangs snakes out to dry on rack as if they were clothes comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@amarrydha97

One user humorously commented, “If it was me, I will no longer use the clothes rack. I’d rather buy a new one.”

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Another, pointing out the obvious, wrote, “But those are not clothes.”

Echoing the surprise, a third chimed in, “I thought he was drying real clothes…”

M'sian man fearlessly hangs snakes out to dry on rack as if they were clothes comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@amarrydha97

Another user expressed their apprehension vividly: “I would not dare to use the rack, laundry basket, and even cross his house area.”

Well, there you have it – Amar Rydha’s unique approach to laundry day, featuring none other than his slinky, scaly friends, has certainly rattled the internet. Who knew that clothes racks could double as a snake playground?

You can watch the full clip here:

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