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Cheeky Monkey Steals Glove From PDRM Officer, Only Gives It Back After Much Coaxing

Soo naughty.

In an amusing twist of events, a monkey in Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan, demonstrated its mischievous side by stealing a glove from a local police officer, showcasing the playful nature of the area’s wildlife.

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The incident, caught on video and shared on TikTok by PDRM officer @axaneerahman, has since captivated netizens with its humour and the monkey’s audacity.

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PDRM Officer vs. local monkey

The video depicts a PDRM officer, identified only by his colleague’s TikTok account, engaged in a light-hearted battle of wits with a local monkey.

Pdrm officer steps out of his bike to look at the monkey that stole his glove
Screenshot via TikTok/@axaneerahman

Standing beside his police motorcycle, the officer watches as the monkey sits nonchalantly by a signboard, the stolen glove in its possession.

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Monkey bites the glove
Screenshot via TikTok/@axaneerahman

In a humorous attempt to retrieve the glove, the officer can be heard imploring the monkey, “You! You! Give him back the glove. Pity him, he wants to go back to work. Give it back. Come here, give it back.”

Despite the officer’s coaxing, the monkey appears unfazed, casually nibbling on the glove, indifferent to the law enforcement’s appeals.

This bold behaviour has led to the monkey being humorously referred to as a “gangster” by the officers, highlighting the playful and sometimes troublesome interactions between local wildlife and residents.

The situation takes a comical turn as the officer, in a mixture of frustration and amusement, advises his colleague to “Go and ask” for his glove back, adding, “Ask it nicely,” followed by laughter.

This lighthearted approach underscores the unique challenges and unexpected encounters faced by law enforcement officers in their daily duties.

Monkey trades glove for water bottle

Fortunately, the standoff ends peacefully, with the monkey eventually dropping the glove in favour of a water bottle before scampering away.

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Monkey gives the glove back and takes a water bottle
Screenshot via TikTok/@axaneerahman

The relieved officer finally retrieves his glove, a small victory against the furry local “gangster.

Behind the scenes

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the officer provided more context to the playful heist. He explained that the incident occurred unexpectedly just as he was preparing to head to his duty post in conjunction to the launch of Tugu Peringatan HMS Repulse in Teluk Cempedak.

Pdrm officer gets back his glove from the monkey
Screenshot via TikTok/@axaneerahman

The officer also confirmed to WeirdKaya that the glove was still in good condition post-encounter, indicating that the monkey was more interested in a playful interaction than causing any real mischief.

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You can watch the full clip here:

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