M’sian Man Disappointed By His Mum Using RM800 In Laksa Sales To Buy Health Pants

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It’s incredibly frustrating how the money we work hard for can vanish in the blink of an eye, and there’s an individual who faces a similar situation

Recently, a Malaysian was disappointed when the money earned from selling laksa was used by his mother to buy an RM800 health pant.

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M’sian disappointed mum spent RM800 for pants

Netizen's post on x (twitter)
Photo via VOCKET 

Taking to his X account, a man shared his disappointment after his mother used her laksa sale money to buy health pants.

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He explained that he was upset when he found out his mother bought health pants for RM800. “Her friend persuaded her to buy and join the group, and then she had to find three more people to join,” he wrote.

According to Vocket, the man said, “This is MLM and it’s not reasonable. I was confused when I heard about the health pants. Are they made from Panadol threads?”

He also stressed that the money his mother earned from selling laksa wasn’t easy to come by. He thought it was too much to spend on pants that just looked like tight pants.

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Woman wearing leggings and sport shoe
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Even though the man had informed his mother that it was an MLM system, she remained very firm about the benefits of the product.

The mother mentioned they could earn some extra cash with it. He also said that elderly people are easily deceived by such tricks.

However, the man’s tweet seems to have been deleted now.

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