M’sian Man Commits 21 Break-Ins And Thefts To Fulfil Wife’s Wish For A Holiday

Pure intentions, wrong method.
For every married couple, the one thing they would want to do the most is to ensure that their partner is happy and content. In fact, some might even turn to illegal means to achieve this.

Desperate to make his wife’s wish to have a holiday come true as well as pay off her weekly loan, a man resorted to committing a string of burglaries before he was eventually captured by police.

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M’sian man commits 21 break-ins and thefts to fulfil wife’s holiday wish, repay loan

During a press conference held at his office today, Padang Terap police chief Deputy Superintendent Mulkiaman Manzar said police had arrested a 32-year-old man at a house in Felda Lubuk Merbau at 12.30am on May 31.

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Padang terap police showing thief's spoils
Photo via NST

“Based on investigations, the former welder from Sik district is believed to be working alone. He is linked to 21 crime cases, including house and shop burglaries in Felda Lubuk Merbau.

“He is also being investigated for car break-ins — with most cases involving vehicles of guests who attended wedding receptions in Felda Lubuk Merbau,” he said as quoted by NST.

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It later turned out that the suspect had committed these crimes for a rather loving reason — he simply wanted to fulfil his wife’s wish for a holiday as well as service her weekly RM350 loan.
Couple on a holiday by the beach
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

Following the suspect’s arrest, police have recovered a trove of stolen items, including 43 cooking gas cylinders, a television, knives, a fan, a pot, four scarves and a mobile phone at the suspect’s home.

Several equipment used to carry out the break-ins such as a metal cutter, a Proton Persona registered under the suspect’s name, and a one-tonne lorry were also seized for further investigation.

A two-week remand order was later obtained by the police against the suspect to facilitate investigations.


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