China Parents Make 8yo Son Busk To Pay For Wall He Vandalised At School 

The parents want to encourage their son to take responsibility for his actions.
An 8-year-old boy in China faced an unusual punishment after he was caught vandalizing his school wall—his parents made him sing and play guitar in the streets to earn money for the damages.

The boy, from Shaanxi province, doodled on a newly renovated school wall.

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His parents, wanting to teach him a lesson in responsibility, decided he should busk to cover the repair costs.

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Videos of the young busker quickly went viral, showing the boy performing with a sign that read, “I damaged the school wall and need 300 yuan (RM195) to fix it.”

China parents make 8yo son busk to pay for wall he vandalised at school  | weirdkaya
Screenshot from Weibo

He sang and played guitar for an hour a day over three days to raise the required amount.

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The unique parenting approach drew widespread praise online.

“Kudos to this teaching method that encourages the son to take responsibility for his actions,” commented a user on Weibo.

The boy, who has learned guitar for two years, now had a time to use his skill.

Others noted the added benefits of busking, such as improving the boy’s musical skills and boosting his confidence.

The boy’s father, Huang, explained their reasoning: “My son drew on a wall that was being renovated at his primary school. After speaking to the school, we agreed to pay for the damages. Through these street performances, we hope he understands the importance of taking responsibility for his actions.”

This creative approach to discipline has struck a chord with many, highlighting the value of teaching children accountability in a memorable and constructive way.

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