M’sian Man Arrested For Secretly Recording Stranger, Photos Of Pregnant Women Found On His Phone

What the?

In today’s society, concerns over personal safety in public places have become increasingly prevalent.

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Regardless of gender, anyone can fall victim to invasive and unsettling situations that occur in public spaces.

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Photos of pregnant women found on phone

Despite the seemingly protective measure of walking with friends, recent events have demonstrated that even in the presence of companions, individuals can still find themselves vulnerable to invasive behaviours.

Photos of pregnant women found on  phone
Screenshot via TikTok/@shiraatajudin

A recent viral video, in particular, has drawn significant attention to this issue.

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The video in question features a woman who discovered she was being secretly recorded by a man without her knowledge.

According to the woman, she initially remained oblivious to the presence of this stranger but soon began to notice an older man persistently following her wherever she went.

The woman was walking in a shopping centre, accompanied by her husband, but the man continued to shadow her.

Husband confronted the man

Feeling uneasy, she shared her concerns with her husband. He decided to confront the stranger and check his mobile phone.

Husband confront man who has photos of pregnant women found on  phone
Screenshot via TikTok/@shiraatajudin

To their shock, they found out that this man wasn’t just recording her; he had videos of many other women, specifically pregnant women.

The woman, who was deeply affected by this incident, posted a heartfelt message, urging all mothers to be cautious

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She wanted to remind everyone that no one is completely safe, even when with their spouse.

She shared her feelings of fear and vulnerability, and they’ve reported the incident to the police.

You can watch the full clip here:

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What would you do if you were in this situation? Let u know in the comments.

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