Teen advocate Ain Husniza exposes FB group for sexually fetishising pregnant women

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PETALING JAYA – Student activist Ain Husniza has called out a Facebook group which shared photos of pregnant women coupled with sexually explicit comments.

In a tweet dated last Sunday (Oct 31), Ain expressed her disgust over the group named ‘Koleksi Mak Buyung Malaysia’, calling their actions “unbelievable and repulsive”.

These people were fetishizing PREGNANT mothers and there’s some signs even showing that some might even be taking ‘candid’…unconsented pictures.”

Ain, who’s widely known for her online movement #MakeSchoolsASaferPlace, was recently invited to speak at UNICEF’s conference on Violence Against Children:

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She also posted multiple screenshots of group members leaving lewd comments regarding the pregnant women’s bodies, with one member writing “If only I could stroke and caress that belly.”

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To top it all off, members were caught encouraging others to unleash their sexual fantasies on such women in public, reported VICE World News.

Men have sexual desires and if your picture makes it to this group and becomes a part of the collection, you shouldn’t wonder why.”

Ain’s post quickly gained online attention, garnering more than 8k retweets and 5K likes. Her father later posted on Facebook regarding the issue and urged netizens to lodge a report against the group.

Photo via FB/ Saiful Nizam

Outraged netizens quickly rallied around and happily declared that they had reported the group for its distasteful act. 

Photo via FB/ Saiful Nizam
Photo via Twitter/ @ant33ater

VICE World News later reported that the group had been shut down along with its pictures and posts yesterday (Nov 1).

We have removed the group for violating our policies,” a Facebook spokeswoman said.

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Cover Images via FB/ Saiful Nizam

Editor: Sarah Yeoh