M’sian Man Able To Afford Meal Of Rice & Eggs After Someone Stole 2 Packets Of Nasi Kandar From Him

Pity that uncle.
A Malaysian man’s excitement for lunch took an unexpected turn.

Recently, a man was left in disbelief after discovering that the 2 packets of nasi kandar he had just bought were stolen within minutes of placing them on his motorbike.

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A plate of nasi kandar
For illustration purposes only. Photo via FB/Nasi Kandar Sulaiman

This incident was shared on Nasi Kandar Sulaiman’s Facebook page, revealing the unfortunate experience of one of their customers.

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In the caption, they explained that the uncle bought two packets of nasi kandar and placed the packets in his motorcycle basket before going to buy some kuih.

When he returned just a few minutes later, he was shocked to find the packets of nasi kandar had been stolen.

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They mentioned that the uncle felt very disappointed and sad because even food can be stolen.

Sad man
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva.

Following that, he returned back to the restaurant and he could only afford to buy rice and eggs because he didn’t have enough money left.

What is more touching is that rather than expressing anger or frustration, the uncle chose to forgive the thief.

Apart from sharing the uncle’s unfortunate story, the restaurant also emphasized a very important message.

“Nevertheless, stealing food has negative consequences. Not everyone can afford to buy food twice in one go.” they stated.

They also highlighted that many people have just enough money to buy food once, and when it’s stolen, it becomes very difficult to afford another meal.

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“So please, never steal.” the wrapped it up.

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