M’sian Lawyer Sues Blackpink Concert Organiser For RM1 Mil Over Seat That Never Existed

Lawyer fights for future concert-goers' rights.

In an unusual turn of events, a Malaysian lawyer has taken legal action against Live Nation Malaysia, the organisers of Blackpink’s Born Pink World Tour.

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The bone of contention? An alleged ‘missing’ seat at the concert, prompting a potential lawsuit amounting to RM1 million.

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Twitter user Nas Rahman took to the platform to share this update, revealing that he had decided on the legal route after a stalemate in negotiations with the concert organisers.

In a TikTok video, he further clarified his reasons for initiating the lawsuit against Live Nation Malaysia.

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The predicament unfolded during Blackpink’s concert on March 4 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Nas found himself seatless and had to resort to sitting on the floor along a stairway for the duration of the two-hour show.

Nas claimed that the seat he had booked, specifically seat number 37 in section 207, was nonexistent, as the seat numbering in that section only went up to 36.

On March 6, Nas put forth a formal letter of demand to Live Nation Malaysia, kickstarting discussions for a resolution. However, according to Nas, the talks reached an impasse, which eventually led to his decision to file a suit at the Sessions Court.

Don’t want to be “bullied” by organiser

“The motivation behind this action isn’t financial gain,” he clarified.

“If I let this issue go unaddressed, it could potentially affect other concertgoers in the future. I don’t want anyone else to endure this.”

Nas resolved to let the courts decide the outcome, vowing to withhold further information about the case in line with legal procedures.

“Regardless of the case’s outcome, my hope is that Live Nation Malaysia and other concert organisers will recognise their responsibility towards their customers,” he stated.

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It’s worth noting that Nas wasn’t the only concert attendee to encounter seating issues. A number of social media users voiced their experiences with ‘missing’ or occupied seats.

When reached for additional comments, the lawyer chose not to add more, pointing to the detailed explanation already shared online.

You may watch the full video here:

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@nas.rahman Kes Saman Penganjur Konsert Blackpink iaitu Live Nation dan Go Live. Ralat: no seat adalah 36 dan 37. #blackpink #konsert #livenation #golive #saman #seathilang ♬ original sound – Nas Rahman


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