M’sian Lawyer Calls Out Guard For Barring Woman From Entering SOCSO Building Over Knee-Length Skirt

The security personnel at the entrance said her skirt should touch her feet.

In a peculiar incident, a lawyer has called out security personnel at a government office for enforcing dress codes. He asks, “When did security guards receive the authority to impose dress codes?”

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This was prompted by an experience his female colleague, referred to as May, faced at a Social Security Organisation (Socso) office in Jalan Burma, Penang. The guard at the entrance halted them, citing her dressing as the reason.

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According to New Straits Times, Datuk Ajit Singh Jessy, the lawyer, shared that he and May visited the Socso office to register his maid under Socso.

To their surprise, the security personnel at the entrance intervened, declaring that her skirt should touch her feet.

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M'sian lawyer calls out guard for barring woman from entering socso building over knee-length skirt | weirdkaya

“What’s wrong?”

Ajit further stated, “Both of us asked what was wrong since her skirt was knee-length. He responded that it was a rule.

After we persisted, asking what was wrong with her skirt, he replied, ‘This time it’s okay, but next time it will not be.'”

On entering the premises, no one raised an eyebrow over May’s outfit, nor did they question it. The staff inside were helpful and polite.

Ajit, expressing his frustration, asked, “When did security guards get the authority to enforce dress codes? I thought their job was to guard the building. Please put a stop to this public harassment at government departments.”

The state Socso director, Mustafa Deraman, told New Straits Times that they do not set a specific dress code for customers. However, he acknowledged the signage advising customers to dress appropriately. Singlets, mini pants or short skirts are generally discouraged.

“Looking at the picture provided, the customer’s outfit was appropriate. Perhaps, the guard on duty made an error in this case, and for that, I apologise,” Mustafa said.


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