M’sian Inmates Achieve Straight As For SPM Despite Lack Of Resources In Prison

Even behind bars, two inmates from Sekolah Integrasi Marang, Terengganu have demonstrated that success knows no barriers.

M’sian inmates achieve straight As for SPM

M'sian inmates score straight as in spm 2023
Photo via Harian Metro

Aiman, a 20-year-old inmate (not his real name), was overwhelmed with emotion upon receiving his outstanding results—8As in the 2023 Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia (SPM).

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Serving a prison sentence of 1 year and 7 months, Aiman never imagined he would achieve such results amidst the challenges of imprisonment, reported Buletin TV3.

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Despite the severe lack of resources in prison, Aiman’s determination to change his fate fuelled his hard work.

Compared to other students, I had no phone and no reference materials to study. It was very difficult, but I made it a habit to get up every night, perform the tahajjud prayer and solat hajat, pray, and focus while studying. After that, I left the rest to Allah,” he said.

Something I can give to my family, especially my mother

Aiman’s friend, Asraf (also a pseudonym), another 20-year-old inmate serving a 7-year sentence, achieved 4As.

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Though his results were not as remarkable as Aiman’s, Asraf remains proud and grateful.

As a friend, I’m proud of Aiman. I never felt jealous. Even though there’s a difference between 8 and 4, I think that’s a good enough gift for me, something I can give to my family, especially my mother,” he said.

The Director of Marang Prison, Mohamad Jusoh Ismail, highlighted that the examination results of both inmates prove there are no obstacles to success, regardless of one’s circumstances, as long as they strive and focus on their goals.

We’re proud of our students. Even with limited time and resources, they can still succeed. But it’s their teachers’ motivation that made this success possible. Without interest, achieving such results would be tough,” he noted.

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